Underrated Ballerz AAU Teams

National Team

UNDERRATED BALLERZ NATIONAL TEAM is for serious players from all over New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania who want to commit their time to a program that tries to play the toughest competition we can find. Underrated Ballerz National Team is NOT the same as the Regional Team. The National Team demands a high level of skill combined with a full athletic commitment.

Our team participates in high-level tournaments as well as the AAU Live events which would give exposure to college coaches. Our goal is to help our players develop their skills and talent, while also showcasing their ability in front of high school and college coaches. 

If you are accepted to the National Program you are expected to make it your top priority. The emphasis of this program is total commitment, playing at the highest level possible, and winning. Playing time is not guaranteed when playing in this program and we are always doing what is best for the team to try to win.

If you feel you have what it takes skill and commitment- wise to play for our National Team then look for our next tryout or let us know!

Regional Team

UNDERRATED BALLERZ REGIONAL TEAM has levels 12U through 17U and we try to have spots on teams for all players who want to learn from us. We even have a National Basketball Team for the players who want to be COMPLETELY COMMITTED to playing at the highest level possible.

We select advanced players to play on our Regional Team that we believe have the skillset and TEAM attitude to compete at the highest level of competition. With our Regional Team, it is important that we instill basic fundamentals, and teamwork in our program, helping them prepare for their future advancement at the high school level.

If you are a basketball player who is willing to listen, learn, work hard, and be a part of a program that is all about its athletes then our Regional Team is for you!