Frequently Asked Questions

Playing Time

Playing time is based on team placement, talent, commitment, game-time situations, and other coaching decisions. Parents/Guardians must understand that playing time will not be equal regardless of the financial commitment toward traveling expenses.


It is extremely important for players to commit to attending ALL practices. Underrated Ballerz AAU Program believes that player development occurs in practice. A player who misses practices may incur penalties in playing time at the following game.


It is important for players to demonstrate commitment to their team. When commitment lacks from one individual on a team, the entire team suffers, which is unfair. If you are placed on a team, you are expected to attend all practices and games. If a conflict arises, communication with the coach is crucial. IF YOU MISSED GAMES OR PRACTICES DUE TO UNREASONABLE/UNEXCUSED ABSENCES, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR ANY UNDERRATED BALLERZ TEAMS IN THE FUTURE. 

Other Sports

Underrated Ballerz AAU program will work with athletes who play another sport to determine if it is possible for the player to be a part of the Underrated Ballerz AAU Program. This will be determined on an individual basis with the player, the player’s family, and the coach.

Parent Behavior

Underrated Ballerz AAU Program believes that our highly qualified coaches and staff create a great experience for your son. Underrated Ballerz AAU Program, therefore, asks parents to abide by a series of beliefs listed below.

Different Teams, Different Schedules


Teams will have a minimum of two weekly practices.

Weekend Tournaments

Each team will attend different schedules, which will be determined by the coach based on the team’s talent level. Most High School teams will compete through the summer and will attend college exposure events (LIVE PERIOD). For elementary and middle school level players, teams will attend local tournaments (with the possibility of 1 to 3 out-of-state tournaments) per season. 

Tournament game times and locations

Our IN-STATE (New Jersey) REGIONAL TOURNAMENTS are played at great venues that include:

 •Xcel Sports •Newark Academy • Hoop Heaven Whippany/Bridgewater • FDU Madison • PEAK Sports •Middlesex County College• Parsippany PAL • Branchburg Sports • Ramapo College • Down Town Sports • Joseph Lawrence Sports Center• Wayne PAL