Brandon S

"Coach Chris is a high level trainer out of NJ who has helped numerous kids take their game to the next level. He provides tons of energy and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the game of basketball. Trains all ages. If you want your child to get better Chris is the man for the job!"

September 28 2021

Gayathri Rajagopal 

He is coaching my special needs child . He is is very patient and encouraging. 

September 19 2020

Morgan DeJesus 

Working with Chris was an amazing experience for my child and I. Being able to work one on one with a professional is not something everyone has the opportunity to do. Again I want to thank Chris and his team for their training.

August 31 2020

Gianna Policasto

I worked with Chris for 4 years and he coached me well

 September 2 2020

Fran Cipot

He’s very dedicated to the sport. Good with kids.

 September 2 2020

Rocky Jay

Very Professional experience

September 4 2020


Fun, knowledge and commitment

October 8 2020

Papa Ndiaye

Very good trainer worked with him for a few weeks already getting much better and seeing improvements. Highly recommend.

October 23 2020

Karen Louis


We selected Chris because of a review written by another parent with a special needs child. It was a great decision. Chris is kind, patient AND experienced. My son can’t wait for his sessions with him. We can see improvement in a very short time and my son applies Chris’ techniques at home. Underrated Ballerz is a great program and resource. If you’re considering Chris’ program, you will not be disappointed.

             Sat May 08 2021